Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 16, 2016
Update from the desk of Heidi Williams, MD...
I happened to sit down for a sip of coffee last Saturday, and an article in the Wall Street Journal caught my eye. It was titled: “The Price of Beauty.”
In reading the article it made me think about how we address patients' concerns, both within my medical practice as well as in the medispa. The article focuses on the priority of beauty for women and the cost of beauty treatments. The article also recommends that women seek the services of trusted individuals, whether aestheticians or physicians, to ensure that the appropriate products and treatments are being suggested for the client’s skin condition and type, facial and body contour, medical issues, etc.  While a woman’s budget may play a part in determining what products and services are ultimately purchased or undertaken, my mission has always been to recommend the best treatments available to address a patient’s concerns, whether surgical or nonsurgical, and to give patients their options.  For instance, one woman may desire facial rejuvenation that would be best served by a facelift, but is against having surgery.  That woman may choose to rejuvenate her look instead with a combination approach of fillers and skin tightening lasers or radiofrequency technologies, fully understanding the limits of the nonsurgical methods.  Our goal at Heidi Williams, MD, and Mt. Pleasant Medispa is to offer products and procedures that are safe, proven, innovative, and also cost effective!  We are not fans of fads! We also stand behind the face the Dr. Williams, herself, performs all injections, whether it’s Botox, Dysport, filler, or sclerotherapy for spider injections.
 Along these lines, we are proud to announce the introductions of several new technologies and treatments!  We are the first and only physician to offer Vaser liposuction.  The Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction is not new, but the Vaser is the latest in the evolution of this technology, and allows for body contouring that cannot be achieved with other technologies.  Vaser makes possible the High Definition Technique for liposculpture.  We are so excited about it that we have a dedicated website for the Vaser! Http://  We are also adding the Gentle Max Pro by Syneron to our Palomar Icon to offer the best in laser hair removal, treatment of troublesome pigment, facial and spider veins, and fine lines.  The Gentle Max Pro also treats toenail fungus, which I know doesn’t sound glamorous, but I know is a serious problem lurking beneath so many pretty manicures!  I was one the first in the Charleston area to offer Thermage years ago, though I am now pleased to introduce the Sublime and Sublative RF (radiofrequency) technologies.  Over the last few months we have been very excited about the results we have been able to achieve as the RF.  Kybella is also now available to treat that troublesome submetal fat.  Kybella is not ideal for everyone, but certainly has its role in the treatment of that isolated fat deposit under the chin.
Before I sign off, I also wanted to pass along a few last announcements.  The Wall Street Journal article mentioned a new app that allows a woman to have her makeup and skin care products reviewed by a specialist for a charge of $135.00.  However, our talented aestheticians at Mt. Pleasant Medispa have provided this service for years to ensure that our patients are maximizing their resources.  And to make sure you get 2016 off on the right foot, we are offering this service for free for the next month.  So come see us!  Lastly, we are also hosting an Open House on February 3rd, from 4-7pm which we are calling our What Women Want Event!  In addition to providing information on our products and services, it will be an opportunity for talented and professional women to network.  Not only will representatives from the plastic surgery industry be present, but so will other female business owners in the Charleston area who offer “what women want,” such as Bobbi Engelby from Domain Interiors and Amy Van Liew from Stella and Dot.  Please call (843-375-0270) to RSVP as space is limited!
Happy New Year!
Heidi Williams, MD

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Vaser Lipo Event November 5th 5-8PM

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Mount Pleasant Medi Spa Offers Services For Brides

    At Mount Pleasant Medi Spa, we have a makeup artist that can help you with all your wedding makeup needs. Ginny can make you photoready for all of your upcoming shoots: engagement announcement, showers, parties, and portraits. Ginny can help you look your best for all of these events. Not only do we have traditional foundation for every skin type, but Ginny also offers airbrush. Airbrush makeup photographs beautifully and is long lasting. Ginny is currently scheduling for Spring and Summer 2016. For more information on her services, check out her website at
     Our private label line includes several styles of lashes, from demure to elegant. Lashes are a must for your wedding photos. They make your eyes stand out and give your makeup a romantic touch. Lashes are "icing on the cake" , so to speak. (pun intended) Call 843-375-0270 to schedule a pre-wedding trial and try a pair of our beautiful lashes.
     Another service to consider, if your wedding is in the spring, is laser treatments. Our highly skilled aestheticians can guide you in selecting a laser package that will help you achieve smooth, even toned skin by your wedding day. Have you considered laser hair reduction? Having smooth underarms is an added bonus if you are wearing a strapless gown. Then, if you are going somewhere tropical for your honeymoon, you might want to consider having your bikini line treated while you're already here. After you have laser hair reduction, you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner!
     In October we will be hosting an event to introduce an exciting new procedure that will help you perfect your figure for your wedding. Ginny will also be available at the event to answer any of your questions regarding her services and the Heidi Williams makeup line. Keep an eye out for the date and time so you can be sure to attend!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

That Perfect Pink

If you are anything like am, you are always on the hunt for that perfect lip liner and lipstick combination, not too pale, yet not too in-your-face. So what do you know? I found a beautiful lip combination right here in my own office. It should have occurred to me way before now, since I am the one who ordered these colors. I am Ginny Brogan, the makeup artist at Mount Pleasant Medi Spa. I order for Dr. Williams private label cosmetic line. Last weekend, I was experimenting with colors to find the perfect pink that would complement bridesmaid dresses for my next bridal client. I filled my lips in with Love Story, which is a long lasting formula, another bonus for the wedding day. Then, I put Unicorn in the Ultimate formula on top. The lip color created with these two products was stunning. Check out Dr. Williams Instagram post where I am modeling this particular look 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bridal Makeup Artist

Heidi Williams, MD Plastic and Reconstructive surgery announces that she now has a makeup artist on staff to take care of your makeup and skincare needs. Ginny Brogan is here to give you tips and tricks to camouflage those "little procedure marks" or makeup your entire face for an event. We are currently running a special that allows you to receive a makeup application for $25 which goes towards the purchase of product. We carry two excellent pharmaceutical grade skin care lines. Also we carry HW Cosmetics, a private label line.This is an excellent opportunity to schedule a pre-wedding trial. Many brides coincide they're trial with an engagement or bridal photo shoot. Call or text Ginny at 843-708-3209 for an appointment. Check out our new product website at

Friday, June 26, 2015

  Laser vs Waxing
Ginny Brogan

   So, I have been considering laser hair removal. I have used depilatory creams, I have had waxing done, and now I shave. I hate the prickly feeling of stubble anywhere, but most of all in my bikini area. I decided to sit down with Taylor at the Mt. Pleasant Medi Spa and ask some questions before buying a laser hair removal package. One of the first bits of information I learned was it is "laser hair reduction".  Taylor calls it laser hair reduction, because there is always the chance that a few little stragglers will grow in after the treatment. The fact that I may see a few hairs down the road did not deter me. Here are the questions and answers from our conversation:
QWhy is laser hair removal better than waxing?
AIt is permanent and the awkward regrowth required for waxing is unnecessary.

QDoes it hurt?

ASome say they much prefer the laser discomfort to the wax-ripping discomfort. The little laser zaps could be compared to rubberband snaps.

QWhy do I hear differing opinions on the effectiveness of the treatment?

AThere are some major variables in the laser treatment. Number one variable is the quality of the laser.  A higher quality laser is understandably going to be more effective. Clients with dark hair are going to have a much better outcome than a client with light hair. The laser targets pigment and there needs to be a contrast in the skin and hair follicle. Clients with light skin in the desired treatment area are going to see much better results than a tanned client. It is highly recommended that you avoid any color in desired treatment area; going back again to the contrast between the hair and the skin.

QHow do I prepare for my visit to the Medi Spa?

AYou should not tan or fake tan the area you plan to have lasered. Also, you should shave the day of your laser appointment.

QWill I look okay to wear a bathing suit the next day?

AYes. Most clients only experience some redness for a few hours after the treatment.

QHow many visits will it take?

AIt varies with the client. Some as little as 6 visits and some as many as 12.

QSo, will that be it? I'll be guaranteed to not see any hair ever again?

AIt is recommended that you return and touch up the treated area once a year.

QDoes the spa ever run any specials on laser packages?

AYes. Keep an eye out for our emails when we announce our current specials.

     I enjoyed my visit with Taylor and she gave me honest answers regarding what I should expect from my laser treatments.  I am looking forward to my hairless-ness!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Ultra Sheen and Crisco                                                                                                                                                
     Deciding to turn over a new leaf and start protecting your skin feels very similar to committing to a budget or going on a diet. There is a sense of deprivation. So great, there is one more fun thing that you have to stop doing. I know, I know, we all like to look sun kissed.
     As a teen, I went about applying baby oil with iodine, Crisco, and yes even Ultra Sheen to achieve golden goddess status. When I became an adult I was able to afford new ways to age myself exponentially, visits to the tanning bed. Girls! Stop the insanity before it is too late. The damage can only be reversed to a certain degree.

    Here I am now, middle aged and wanting soft, smooth, even textured skin like the beauties I see on the movie screen. Fortunately, with a little help from Dr. Williams and the girls at the Mount Pleasant MediSpa, I have come darn near to achieving this! My skin looks better now than it did 10 years ago. My skin is luminous, the texture is smooth, and there is very little hyper pigmentation. To maintain this newly obtained awesomeness, I use a sunscreen. It is part of Dr. Williams’ pharmaceutical grade skin care line. My favorite is the Moisturizing Antioxidant Sunscreen. It behaves like a BB cream.  It has no fragrance or pore clogging ingredients. My foundation layers over it flawlessly. To further protect my skin, I use the mineral foundation from HW Cosmetics. This is a private label makeup line that Dr. Williams is proud to offer her patients. I am particularly excited over the HW Cosmetics, because I will be available on Wednesdays to show you how to obtain a summer glow without the sun damaging effects. Keep a look out in your email; we will be announcing an exciting July special to introduce me, Ginny Brogan, and the new HW Cosmetics Summer Collection. I’ll show you how protecting your skin can feel like a treat!